Virtual Data Room for Startups

The data room software systemizes information into a single sequential stream. As a result, many important startup processes are streamlined, from filling out standard forms and various reports to virtual communication. So, how does the software work?

Digital data room – a basis for successful startup functionality

The last few years are called the “startup era .”The world is changing rapidly. Technologies appear, develop, and replace each other – what was a breakthrough a few years ago becomes commonplace, and the market constantly needs more and more new ideas, solutions, and inventions. In such conditions, even the leading technological giants do not have time to satisfy the growing demand, which is why the startup boom has not stopped in recent years. As a startup that is probably still trying to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive business environment, you face several challenges that you must overcome. Since startups usually operate on a limited budget, they need affordable tools to manage business activities.

The virtual data room is designed to help businesses of all sizes, especially small ones, close more deals and gain insight into their sales pipeline. It is a flexible digital platform for company deal management, electronic document management, and business process automation. It integrates all data from business applications without migration, built on an innovative approach to intelligent information management. The software helps to set up any approval processes adopted in the company. The system allows you to increase the speed of processing startup documents, reduce the time spent by employees and improve the transparency of business deals. You can approve not only contracts but also other documents: purchase requisitions, tender documents packages, internal requests for price approvals, personnel documentation, advance reports, and business trips.

The prominent data room features for startups

Experience has shown that the data room’s advantages are numerous and convincing. They are as follows:

  • Efficient data management

Data room can solve the problem of online access to documents. All information in the archive is structured – searching for the necessary document, copying it, and printing it out takes seconds. The software ensures the ability to quickly create and then analyze collections of documents according to one or another given attribute, create thematic reports, sort documents according to chronology, etc.

  • Handling the pipeline

The data room allows you to set up the pipeline, which includes dividing projects into different stages. Here you can also place information about projects currently under negotiation or due diligence procedures.

  • Collection of reports on portfolio companies

The investors through the service see analytics on projects, which includes information about traffic, finances, and data from monthly reports of companies. It is very convenient for startups because several co-investors are investing in one company more often. Instead of individually sending reports to each investor, the project can update all the data in the system so that investors themselves study them right in the Work Space.

  • Data security

Documents are stored centrally, not on workstations or email programs. It removes the risk of losing documents or leaking information from the company. It is impossible to enter the system without passing identification. The acceptable level of privacy is strictly controlled.

  • Easy collaboration

The data room allows several employees to work with the same documents at the same time, which is impossible when using a paper archive, in which each document is available only to one user at a particular time. 

  • Q&A Tool

Data room users appreciate an easy way to ask questions about the uploaded documents. A Q&A tool allows users to ask their due diligence questions directly, clearly relating to specific documents. It facilitates communication between teams and greatly improves efficiency.